• NOTE: Only applies to patients who have completed a year of DAPT without a major ischemic or bleeding event
  • Reference [4]
DAPT score
The benefits of extended DAPT in patients
with a score ≥ 2 may outweigh the risks
Risk Factor Score
Age ≥ 75 years -2
Age 65 - <75 years -1
Age < 65 0
Cigarette smoking 1
Diabetes 1
MI at presentation 1
Prior PCI or prior MI 1
Paclitaxel-eluting stent 1
Stent diameter < 3 mm 1
CHF or LVEF < 30% 2
Vein graft stent 2

  • Reference [1]
Factors associated with increased bleeding risk
History of prior bleeding
Oral anticoagulant therapy
(See triple therapy above
Female sex
Advanced age (> 65 years)
Low body weight
Chronic kidney disease
Chronic steroid or NSAID therapy

  • Reference [1]
Factors associated with increased ischemic risk
Advanced age
Acute coronary syndrome presentation
Multiple prior myocardial infarctions
Extensive coronary artery disease
Chronic kidney disease
Factors associated with increased risk of stent thrombosis
Acute coronary syndrome presentation
Left ventricular ejection fraction < 40%
First-generation DES
Stent undersizing
Stent underdeployment
Small stent diameter
Greater stent length
Bifurcation stents
In-stent restenosis