BACKGROUND: Renal artery stenosis is narrowing of the arteries that perfuse the kidneys. It is typically caused by atherosclerotic vascular disease but may also occur secondary to fibromuscular dysplasia (more common in women < 50 years old). Renal artery stenosis can lead to resistant hypertension and decreased kidney function. Revascularization with stent placement has been used for years to treat renal artery stenosis despite clear evidence that it is beneficial. The CORAL trial was specifically designed to evaluate what benefit, if any, that stenting has over medical therapy alone.

CORAL Trial - Renal Artery Stenting + Medical Therapy vs Medical Therapy, NEJM (2014) [PubMed abstract]
StraightHealthcare analysis: Renal artery stenting did not confer a significant benefit with respect to the prevention of clinical events when added to comprehensive, multifactorial medical therapy in people with atherosclerotic renal-artery stenosis and hypertension or chronic kidney disease.