About Straight Healthcare
Straight Healthcare's primary mission is to provide comprehensive, concise, evidence-based medical information. Healthcare evolves rapidly, inundating providers with new studies, drugs, and guidelines that must be integrated into their practices. Spiraling healthcare costs are often driven by treatments and interventions with no proven benefit. Conscientious providers must equip themselves with the best information available to make confident recommendations in an ever-expanding world of expensive treatments and diagnostic modalities.

Hundreds of medical studies are published every month, as computer advances and healthcare databases have made it possible to evaluate large amounts of data with little effort. It's more important now than ever that providers understand the principles of quality medical research and sound statistical techniques so they can decipher which information will improve their outcomes.

Written from a primary care perspective, Straight Healthcare strives to analyze and present the best information available so everyone can make informed healthcare decisions.

Straight Healthcare is developed and produced by Dr. Todd Crump. Dr. Crump has a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from The University of Texas at Austin and a Doctor of Medicine from The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. He is board-certified in family medicine and is a registered pharmacist. Dr. Crump originally created Straight Healthcare as an online reference for his patients. As the website grew, he shifted the focus to include information that was useful to him in his primary care practice. Now, a number of providers and patients use the website regularly.

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